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Discover the latest news about the University of Kansas Medical Center and its ongoing efforts to innovate in education, research and health care.

KU medical student publishes study on feline facial expressions
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Documentary offers empowered approach to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
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NASA launch includes KU Medical Center research on the female reproductive system
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Exercise Is Still Important for Weight Loss While Taking Drugs Like Ozempic
Drs. John Jakicic, Ph.D. and Renee Rogers, Ph.D. of the University of Kansas Medical Center looked at physical activity in an age where medications can offer a tool for weight loss and management.

Large areas of Missouri and Kansas lack primary care doctors. How can medical schools help?
KU Medical Center Associate Dean of Student Affairs Mark Meyer says 60 of 105 Kansas Counties gained at least one doctor through the Kansas Medical Student Loan Program in the last decade.

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