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Page Types

The CMS has several common page types and components. The main page types that you may edit are below.

Landing Pages

View a landing page (training guide main page)

Landing pages are considered to be "gateway" pages. These pages usually feature:

  • A single banner image with a caption
  • All content is made up of components (including WYSIWYG)

Landing page

Detail Pages

(This current page is a detail page)

These pages are your main content and information pages. Usually, these pages consist of one of the following:

  • Body copy and supporting images
  • Link lists
  • Expand and collapse components
  • Embedded content such as a video or calendar of events

Profile Listing Pages

These pages display the listing of faculty or staff bios. These typically pull from FACT including all titles, bios etc. You may adjust:

  • Intro page text

Faculty Bio Pages

These pages are typically synced from FACT and should not be directly edited except for the photograph. 

Staff Profile

Staff profiles are not a page type, instead, these profiles are components. While on the profile listing page the Faculty and Staff profiles both look the same, however only the Faculty bio pages are clickable. 

View a profile listing page (Staff listing example page)

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