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Utilizing various components will make your website shine. Landing pages and home pages also require components in order to have content.

Below are live examples of various components that are available on your pages. If you are looking for info on how to edit them please visit the Job Aids/Quick Guides Page

"This is a blockquote component. You put your text in here and then your attribution text after. You can also choose your color. "

Call Out Block

You can choose your background color and put whatever you want in the text. Even buttons like this one.

Example Button

Call to Action Component

Call to actions have a header, some text and a button -- don't forget to pick a background image.

Example Link
Card Selector

These have three different tiles/cards, each with a photo, text and link. They are a little complex to manage but look great on homepages.

Title 2 copy goes here, the text can be a little longer if you want.

Text/HTML Editor

The copy that goes on a tile is shown when you hover your mouse over it

Editing Staff Listing
Accordion (expand/collapse) content

Each accordion is made up of two parts. A clickable heading and the copy that expands when you select that item. The copy can contain links, images, buttons and tables.

flowers KUHere is an example of an image that has the optional class of "Float Left" on it. This allows text to automatically wrap around the image and the image will always reside ont he left hand side of the page.

Other image options

You can also align your images to the right side and the text will wrap around it the opposite way. 

Image rotatator with captions

WWI Medicine: Medical Staff
WWI Medicine: Battlefield
Information Technology

University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160