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Meet the Community Facilitators 

Denise Romero

Denise Romero.jpg

Facts Not Fear ICT Community Facilitator

Hispanic/Latino Community Representative

Salud + Bienestar (promotora de salud)

I’m Denise Romero. I am a Community Health Worker (promotora de salud) with Salud+Bienestar. I am also an organizer, program director and liaison for Spanish-speaking communities.


My greatest potential lies in embracing my responsible nature and learning to build something long-lasting. I got involved because I needed to learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a lack of communication about resources and tools that our community could understand and trust. I knew that the Spanish-speaking communities were struggling due to language barriers, culture, and immigration status. This community has barriers that make it more difficult for them to get accurate information.


As a Community Facilitator for Facts Not Fear ICT, I will empower and connect community members to accurate information regarding COVID-19. By knowing the facts, our community is more educated and able to make a more informed decision about getting vaccinated and tested.


I have a great passion for community resources and education. I believe we can get past this pandemic together by learning from one another. I’m ambitious and have a strong impulse to accomplish something significant in my community. I’m inspired by faith, love and joy.

Catalina Garcia

Catalina Garcia.jpg

Facts Not Fear ICT Community Facilitator

Hispanic/Latino Community Representative

Salud + Bienestar (promotora de salud)

My name is Catalina Garcia. I work for Salud + Bienestar. I’m a Community Health Worker (promotora de salud). I enjoy being around people and meeting new community members. I pride myself on inclusion. I believe there is room for everyone. I love to empower people with information. 


S+B is a liaison for the Spanish-speaking community. We inform our community about available resources. COVID-19 brought uncertainty and a need for real information regarding testing and vaccination.


The Facts Not Fear ICT project will benefit the Spanish-speaking community by ensuring health information is available in their language. 


As a Community Facilitator I will search for information that can benefit our community. I’m internally confident in the midst of external uncertainty and hope to inspire others with that optimism.

Malcolm Carter

Malcolm Carter.jpg

Facts Not Fear ICT Community Facilitator
African American/Black Community Representative

I’m Malcolm James Carter. I’m a 2021 graduate of Hampton University. I earned my bachelor's degree in journalism. While there, I also served as the project director of the athletic marketing team and was responsible for planning and developing projects that supported a TV show featuring university sports. I also have a background researching and implementing media strategies for the Association of Black Organizations in Detroit, my hometown.

It’s very likely that you have seen my face in the community as I have spent the last year covering Black news stories all over Wichita as a reporter. I also volunteer with the Wichita Branch NAACP and am a member of Wichita Urban Professionals.

I am committed to engaging community members by sharing important resources that empower them to make informed decisions. My ability to create impactful content across multiple social media platforms, including videos and graphics, helps to spread information throughout my community. 

As a Facts Not Fear ICT Community facilitator, I will work diligently to find the best practices and solutions to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the Black community. I hope we are able to build confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine. I look forward to building relationships with community members and organizations that are also committed to bettering our communities.

Tashina Buffalohead

Tashina Buffalohead.jpg

Facts Not Fear ICT Community Facilitator
Native American Representative

My name is Tashina Buffalohead. I’ve been involved in the community since I was little. I’ve been dancing in the arena since I could walk. I come from the Osage and Ponca Tribe.

I have always had a great passion for my community. Currently a group of lovely ladies and I have focused on bringing our native community back together again with community nights at the Mid-America All-Indian Museum. I am also one of the founders of the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women chapters of Wichita, Kansas.

I decided to serve as a Facts Not Fear ICT Community Facilitator because I saw it as a great opportunity for our Native people and other minority groups to be involved in lessening the impact of COVID-19.

It’s my nature to help people! This is truly an opportunity to support my community with the proper facts and resources related to COVID-19 and lead everyone in the right direction. I am well aware how COVID-19 has impacted our Native people. I plan to use my role as a facilitator to get us through this pandemic, so we can all dance and be together again!

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