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Lifestyle Empowerment for Alzheimer's Prevention (LEAP!)

Equip yourself with practical strategies that boost your brain health and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease.

LEAP logoWe've scoured the research (and conducted our own) to give you the best, most up-to-date science-based recommendations for brain health.

Our Lifestyle Empowerment for Alzheimer's Prevention (LEAP!) program translates the latest Alzheimer's disease prevention research into actionable recommendations for everyday life.

Lifestyle Factors

These key lifestyle factors can influence your risk for Alzheimer's disease. 

Physical activity and exercise

Stay active and exercise regularly. Aerobic, strength, flexibility, and balance exercises are important.


Nourish your brain with a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in whole foods like veggies, fruits, and extra-virgin olive oil.

Social engagement

Stay connected with family and friends.

Cognitive engagement

Keep your mind active and challenged. Learn new things and practice new skills.

Stress management

Practice relaxation techniques and take care of yourself to minimize the effects of chronic stress on your brain health.


Practice good sleep hygiene to protect your brain.

Even small changes can make a difference, so get started with your brain-healthy lifestyle today! 

About Our Classes

To protect the health and safety of our staff and visitors, all LEAP! offerings are currently being held exclusively online. We currently offer two free online courses, our six-week Brain Health Boot Camp course, and our four-week Mediterranean Diet course. 

Brain Health Boot Camp

A free, six-week online course covering the fundamentals of a brain-healthy lifestyle. This course includes weekly small group discussion and Q&A to get your brain-healthy-lifestyle questions answered via Zoom.

Our next class begins on January 22, 2024! Click here to learn more and sign up.

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Mediterranean Diet Course

The Mediterranean diet is associated with reduced Alzheimer's risk and slowed cognitive decline. In 4 free, comprehensive video lessons, dietitian Rachel Sandoval covers all the details of this brain-healthy eating pattern and provide plenty of easy cooking tips and tricks. You'll also gain access to downloads, cheat sheets, recipes, and meal planning guides.

You can begin this self-paced course at any time! Click here to learn more and sign up. 

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Webinar: All About Neuroplasticity

At all stages of life, your brain has the amazing ability to rewire itself by growing new cells and forming new connections.

During this free webinar on Tuesday, December 5 at 1:00 pm, we'll explore how neuroplasticity works, its key role in brain health, and simple steps you can take to make your own brain more "plastic." Visit to learn more and sign up.


Webinar: Creating Brain Health Habits That Stick

You've probably heard that healthy habits—like eating a nutritious diet, prioritizing sleep, and getting plenty of physical activity—are great for your brain. But maintaining these habits is often easier said than done!

Join us on Monday, January 8 at 1:00 pm to learn how to create brain-boosting habits and goals that will really stick, helping to support your cognitive health for years to come. Visit to learn more and sign up.


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