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Center Funding

The Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center was established through a generous gift of $4 million from Forrest and Sally Hoglund to the University of Kansas Medical Center as part of their kick-off contribution to the "KU First" Capital Campaign.  The university leveraged this support to obtain approximately $3 million in federal funding and $3 million from the State of Kansas to support initial equipment purchases and operational costs.

Currently, the center receives funding from federal and private research grants, user fees through salary and fee charge-backs to users of center resources, institutional support and private philanthropy through the KU Endowment Association.

Other major funding efforts of the center have included cooperative agreements with private corporations. Individual researchers at HBIC and collaborators obtain funding from federal and non-federal sources.

Sample acknowledgments on publications using the Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center

The Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center is supported by a generous gift from Forrest and Sally Hoglund and funding from the National Institutes of Health including:

S10 RR29577: Siemens Skyra 3T scanner

UL1 TR002366: Frontiers: KU Institute for Clinical & Translational Science

P30 AG072973: KU Alzheimer's Disease Center

P30 DK106912: Kansas PKD Research and Translational Core Center

U54 HD090216: Kansas Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Center

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The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the funding agencies. 

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