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Contact Us

Here is who to contact for more information about programs and services at Hogund Biomedical Imaging Center.

General Inquiries

HBIC Front Desk

iLAB Training and Access
Melinda King,, 913-588-9070

Scheduling/Canceling an MRI
Frank Hunsinger or Kerry Gray;, 913-588-9070

Scheduling/Canceling a Room Reservation
Melinda King,, 913-588-9070

Initiate a Study   Resource Request Form

Campus Map and Parking Information

Map of KU Medical Center CampusClick map to view at full size

Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center
3805 Eaton St,
Kansas City, KS 66103

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Parking for participants

All visitors who are participating in a research study should park in front of the HBIC building in the reserved parking spaces. If parking is not available in front of the building Research participants may park in the P5 parking garage located on Eaton Street. Research participants should bring their parking ticket to the HBIC front desk for validation.

Parking for non-KUMC study team members and other visitors

All visitors to HBIC who are not research participants should park in the P5 parking garage located on Eaton Street unless advised otherwise.

KU-Lawrence research personnel and Students

Members of study teams from KU-Lawrence should park in the KUMC parking lot that corresponds to their parking sticker. Individuals will need to contact KUMC parking Services (913-588-5175) to be advised on which parking lot corresponds to their current assigned lot in Lawrence.

Business and Administration

Justine Karungi Kigenyi, MBA, FACHE, Administrative Director

Research and Programs

William Brooks, Ph.D., Professor and Center Director, HBIC

3T MRI Core

William Brooks, Ph.D., Professor and Director, 3T MRI Core

Vlad Papa, 3T Project Manager

Functional MRI

Laura Martin, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor and Director, Structure and Function Unit

Structural MRI/MRS

In-Young Choi, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Metabolic Imaging Unit/ Research and Development Unit

Phil Lee, Ph.D., Professor and Director, MR Methods and Technology Unit

Neurophysiology (Cortical and Fetal MEG)

Kathleen Gustafson, R. EP T., Ph.D., Research Associate Professor and Director, Neurophysiology Core

Animal Imaging

Janna Harris, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor and Director, Animal Imaging

MEG and High Density EEG

Danielle Christifano, Ph.D.

Data access/storage, XNAT access

James Bartolotti, Cognitive Neuroscientist

Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center

HBIC Front Desk