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Ultrasound and High Density EEG

Ultrasound scanner (GE Logiq P5) and Electrical Geodesics, Inc (EGI) High Density EEG

Ultrasound Scanner (GE Logiq P5)

Ultrasound Scanner (GE Logiq P5)

This 2-D ultrasound with the 3.5C Thin Wide Band Convex Probe is capable of imaging the fetus, the fetal heart and recording the location (depth) and orientation of the fetal heart and head. It allows the acquisition and real time transmission of the ultrasound images to the ultrasound acquisition computer.

Electrical Geodesics, Inc (EGI) High Density EEG

Electrical Geodesics, Inc (EGI) High Density EEG

The EGI GES 400 series includes the capability for 128 channel infant EEG or 256 channel adult EEG. Geodesic EEG electrodes are evenly spaced over the entire scalp, cheeks and back of the neck, allowing for dense and even sampling at a high spatial resolution. The system includes infant sensor nets that allow for longitudinal studies the first year of life and adult sensor nets. The system is expandable to MRI-compatibility. This system also interfaces with E-prime and Presentation software for evoked and event-related potentials. The system includes Net Station software that provides full acquisition, review and analysis functions with GeoSource source estimation software. The current system is capable of EEG-MEG simultaneous recordings. Data can be processed using Net Station or third party software.

Unit Contacts:

Neurophysiology (Cortical and Fetal MEG)

Kathleen Gustafson, R. EP T., Ph.D., Research Associate Professor and Director, Neurophysiology Core

Danielle Christifano, Ph.D., Core Manager

Hoglund Biomedical Imaging Center

HBIC Front Desk