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IDDRC Histology Equipment

The histology specialist maintains all equipment and provides training as requested for investigators and personnel. The facility also provides assistance in tissue fixation, sectioning and staining procedures. The Histology laboratory is fully equipped for paraffin histology, including automated processing, embedding, sectioning and staining. Facilities are also available for the embedding and sectioning of frozen specimens.

For viewing sectioned material, the histology laboratory is equipped with dissecting and light microscopes including a Nikon Optiphot equipped for phase contrast and epifluorescence illumination, and a Nikon SMZ-1500 dissecting microscope for larger sections, also equipped with epifluorescence. An Optronics digital firewire CCD color camera is mounted for image capture.

st5020Leica ST5020 Automated Multistainer
Leica CV5030 AutomatedCoverslipper 

In conjunction with the Leica CV5030 Coverslipper, the Leica ST5020 is an exceptionally versatile stainer-coverslipper workstation, that combines high flexibility with safer process execution and optimized workflow.

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dacoDAKO Auto stainer
Autostainer Link 48 ensures optimal staining results and offers a high slide and reagent capacity. Save space and centralize slide programming by connecting up to three instruments and three PT Links to one computer

The DakoLink software has optimized run-time estimation.

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vt100Leica VT100S Vibratome
The Leica VT1000 S vibrating blade microtome is the instrument of choice for high-quality sectioning requirements in neurophysiology, neuropathology experimental pathology ), Botany (roots and plants) and Industry (foams).

When sectioning fixed tissue for specific neuropathology tests the Leica VT1000 S consistently provides high-quality sectioning results.

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eg1150Leica EG1150C Paraffin Embedding Station
The Leica EG1150 modular tissue embedding center incorporates two separate components, the Leica EG1150 C cold plate and the Leica EG1150 H heated paraffin dispensing module.

The independent modules offer the flexibility to arrange embedding workflow in either direction (left to right or right to left) to suit an individual's needs. 

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Leica ASP6025S

The Leica processor can hold 300 cassettes and has an advanced magnetic stirrer which optimizes parafin infiltration and reagent exchange within the tissue.  Advancements in technology have enhanced processing quality.  Multiple tissue types have been pre programmed for users.

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cryostatLeica ASP6025S

The Leica cryostat provides a high precision microtome with stepper motor feed, rapid freezing shelf and other features to fully customize and enhance your sectioning needs in frozen tissue.


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microtomeMicrotome 1 & 2:

Designed for fully motorized sectioning of both paraffin- and resin-embedded specimens, the Leica RM2255 supports a broad spectrum of applications; in routine and research laboratories; in histology; in industrial materials and quality control.

Its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized and manual sectioning, provides reproducible high-quality sections.

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