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Facility Guidelines

Rules and Responsibilities

The confocal laser microscope is a very expensive, rather delicate, and potentially hazardous piece of equipment shared by multiple users. Routine users who will be spending many hours using standard imaging methods can request training from staff in order to use the instrument on their own with staff readily accessible to assist in any problems that may arise. The costs for training will be discussed during the training request.

In order to provide convenient, reliable access to quality confocal imaging to as many people as possible while protecting both the users and the instrument from the consequences of any misuse that would negatively impact the research of multiple users, all users must agree to the following rules and policies regarding the use of the shared equipment:

  • No food or drink near the microscopes, computers, or other equipment.
  • Only staff will train and certify users in the operation of the instrument. (Users cannot train other users, untrained guests may not touch the instrument)
  • Billing hours will be calculated to the nearest quarter of an hour from the computer log (from the time the acquisition program is turned on to the time it is closed down)

Sanctions for non-compliance with policy rules

Failure to abide by the rules and procedures set forth in this facility use document will result in the generation of an infraction report. This infraction report will be presented to the Confocal Microscopy Advisory Board for evaluation and recommendation. The board will have the right to select from the following sanctions (these sanctions were modified from the KUMC faculty handbook):

  • Verbal warning.
  • Written warning. Notice in writing that the continuation or repetition of conduct found to be wrongful by the Advisory board must be corrected, or more severe discipline may result.
  • Restitution. Reimbursement for damage or misappropriation of property. This may take the form of appropriate service or other compensation.
  • Suspension of use of the instrument.
  • Revoking the right to use the instrument.

The above sanctions do not have to be applied in a linear fashion, the severity of the sanction should closely match the severity of the infraction. The person brought up for an infraction can appeal the decision of the board to either the Confocal Microscopy Advisory Board, or may request a hearing with the Vice Chancellor for Research.