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Clinical Research Information System (CRIS)

CRIS, also known as Velos, is a single, secure system for storage and tracking of subject enrollment data, regulatory information, study-related documents, study calendars and study budget information for past and current research. CRIS is also used in billing compliance activities.

CRIS Manual of Operations 

Access the CRIS system
Access to CRIS is only available after completing required training. If you have not completed training, complete the CRIS Training Request Form to make arrangements. Contact or your Office of Clinical Trial Administration Portfolio Manager for assistance.

For studies that involve reimbursement from study sponsors, a CRIS calendar will be built shortly after the study is activated. The study team will be notified once the calendar is ready to be used. All studies which previously used Clinical Trial Study Tracker (CT Tracker) have been converted to CRIS as of July 1, 2020.

In CRIS there are two IDs for the participant that perform two different and important functions for billing purposes. The Patient ID field is mandatory when entering a participant into the CRIS system. When the participant is also a patient of The University of Kansas Health System, the Patient ID should be the patient’s medical record number (MRN#). See the CRIS Tip Sheet for Participant Entry for more information.

For tracking purposes, sponsors may require their generated participant number be included on invoices. To accomplish this, after entering a participant in CRIS, the Patient Study ID can be changed to the sponsor’s generated number. See the CRIS Tip Sheet for Participant Entry for more information.

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