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Overview of Just-in-Time- Office of Extramural Research,

What is the purpose?
When additional information is requested by a grantor agency from grant applicants, Just-in-Time (JIT) provides a tool for this purpose. Just-in-Time allows applicants and signing officials to submit certain elements of a competing grant application at a later date in the application process - after the peer review and as the application is being considered for funding. This includes information on Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of the use of human subjects, verification of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee's (IACUC's) approval of the proposed use of live vertebrate animals, etc. The application must meet certain business criteria and have achieved a certain score to be considered.

How do I know when I should submit Just-in-Time information? 
Applicants should not submit any JIT information until it is requested by the grantor agency. NIH issues just-in-time emails for all applications that receive an overall impact score of 30 or less. This automated JIT email is not an indicator of funding.

Why does the Just-in-Time (JIT) link appear in eRA Common's Status section when I have not been asked to submit the information? 
The Just-in-Time link appears for all grant applications within 24 hours after the score is released, to ensure its availability should the grantor agency request the Just-in-Time information. Applicants should not see this link as an indicator of the need to submit JIT information and should rely on a specific request from agency staff.

If the Scientific Review Officer, Program Officer, or other NIH staff has reached out directly, please forward the e-mail to SPA for assistance in responding to NIH. Only a Signing Official (SO) or Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) can submit JIT information to the Agency.

JIT information may be submitted as many times as necessary. Each section of the JIT information can be submitted separately and more than once as long as at least one field element has been completed. After each submission, the Just-in-Time screen displays the number of submissions for each piece of information.

Internal Grant Request

To request a non-sponsored, internal account, email the Sponsored Programs Administration Post-Award Team.

Please be aware: NIH-funded pilots/projects may require NIH approval and are subject to the same terms and conditions as the parent award.

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