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How to Apply

Ready to apply? See below for everything you need to know about the application process.

Applicants will submit an application online through the KU online application portal. Begin by visiting graduate admissions and select "Apply." Applicants should create an account (if a first-time user) or log in (if returning to continue an application). Applications should then select "Start New Application" and then "Lawrence/Edwards Graduate Application" and "create application."

Proceed to apply to the master's degree in speech-language pathology program:

  • On the application's "Program Information page," select "Lawrence" as the location for the majority of coursework, then "Social and Behavioral Sciences" from the Academic Area of Interest.
  • Under "Academic Program," search for "Speech Language Pathology (M.A.)."

Note: applicants interested in the M.A./Ph.D. dual degree program should select "Speech Language Pathology M.A./Ph.D." and will be required to submit supplemental information for both programs. Please review the "How to Apply" page for each program.

The University of Kansas application fee is $65 ($85 for international students).

All required application materials must be submitted by January 5.

Collect your information in advance

Short Answer/Personal Essay

Applicants will be prompted to submit a short essay on the following topics. Write the essay before starting the online application, save the file, and copy-and-paste the text into the application.

Examine the data in the figure below. To demonstrate your analytical and written communication skills, describe the data represented by the bar graph. What are your interpretations of the bar graph and what additional information would be helpful for you to fully interpret the bar graph (200-word limit)?

bar chart

To demonstrate your analytical and written communication skills, describe an unsolved problem that you would like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma, etc. and does not need to be related to speech-language pathology. Explain its significance to you and the steps you would take to identify a solution (350-word limit).

Applicant Details

Applicants will be asked to select the background details that best aligns with their undergraduate degree. Please read through all options in the application carefully and select the option that best describes you.

Grade Point Average in Communication Science Disorders/Speech-Language-Hearing Coursework

REQUIRED for all applicants: Include all CSD/SPLH equivalent courses within the application's online GPA calculator.

  • Do not include courses required by the College of Liberal Arts and Science (e.g., history, college algebra, etc.).
  • If a course was required in the student's CSD/SPLH degree plan, but was not offered in the department, please include the course (e.g., linguistics).
  • Do not include courses in progress; these can be reviewed via transcripts.
  • Include research methods coursework.
  • Do not include statistics coursework.
  • Please indicate course numbers and names.
  • Do not include courses where grades were assigned as "pass/fail" or "satisfactory".

The GPA will be automatically calculated once the application is submitted. It is based on KU's GPA calculator and will only calculate the GPA for the applicant's undergraduate major.

Students with a degree other than speech-language pathology, or communication sciences and disorders, and all international students complete the calculator with the courses taken which apply or are equivalent to CSD/SPLH courses.

Prerequisite Coursework Status

Applicants must provide details on plans to complete specific prerequisite coursework prior to starting classes in the master's degree program. Courses required to be completed are in the areas of biological sciences, physical sciences, statistics, and social/behavioral sciences, and for aural rehabilitation and research methods.


Please provide a copy of an official transcript displaying the school's seal from every institution from which a degree has been received. In addition, ALL prerequisite courses, even if acquired apart from the degree, must be documented on official transcripts.

It is appropriate for copies of transcripts to have "copy" watermarks. Note: printing a page from a website does not meet this requirement. Student advising reports or any transcript with the words "unofficial transcript" in the header are not accepted.

Request an official transcript from each institution's Office of the Registrar, take a photo or scan it, and upload directly into the online application.

Current and former University of Kansas students are not required to request or purchase official KU transcripts, or to provide copies of KU transcripts to apply for admission to KU graduate programs. If KU students earned a degree from another institution, they will need to upload copies of those transcripts with their application.

All transcripts must be uploaded by the student with their online application for the application to be considered complete. Transcripts provided to KU in any other way may not be considered part of the application.

Please contact or 785-864-3625 (711 TTY) with any questions.

Letters of Recommendation

A reference provides a professional recommendation on the applicant's behalf. It is preferred that college instructors provide these recommendations, but past supervisors during employment or volunteer positions are also acceptable. The recommendations may not be obtained from family members, friends, etc.  Please refer to the information for students in selecting references.

Applicants will enter the names and contact information (including email addresses) of three  individuals into the online application. The application system will prompt the references to submit a reference letter and automatically send them the graduate letter of recommendation form (PDF). Note: the recommendation request may be submitted before the complete online application is submitted.

Ensure each reference is willing to submit this electronically, and inform them that they will be receiving an email from requesting they submit a reference for you online. Recommenders may use the instructions for reference letter writers for more assistance.

Curriculum Vitae or Résumé

Provide a one- or two-page PDF document of work and academic history including professional leadership contributions as well as volunteer activities. Refer to the sample résumé #1 (PDF) and sample résumé #2 (PDF).

English language proficiency

All applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in any way outlined on the English proficiency requirements page. If applicants have their proficiency determined through TOEFL or IELTS testing agency, when required, the test must have been taken within two years of the first semester of enrollment. Results must be provided directly to KU by the testing service using TOEFL school code 6871. Photocopies of scores will not be accepted.

Admissions Committee. The admissions committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to the Office of Graduate Studies for final processing.

Application review criteria. Evaluation is based principally on values including diversity of skills, experiences and perspectives in students applying to the master's degree program in speech-language pathology. In general, the admissions committee is attempting to identify students who will have success both in graduate school and as a speech-language pathologist.

Application status. Applicants are notified of application status by April 1 for fall program start.

Official transcripts. Accepted students deciding to enter the program will request an official transcript during orientation to provide documentation of successful completion of an undergraduate degree.

International transcripts. International transcipts must be evaluated by World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators. The evaluation must include course-by-course evaluation, grade evaluation, and indicate the degree earned in U.S. terms (bachelor’s or master’s degree, doctorate, etc.). An official copy of the evaluation is required to be provided to KU.

Statement in determination of residency. Please address questions regarding residency requirements to the Office of the Registrar.

Ready to Apply?

Once you have collected the necessary information, you are ready to complete the online application.

The deadline for applications is January 5. 

Remember: select Lawrence campus in the online application, then ensure you select the master's degree program (MA) in speech-language pathology.

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