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KU's Reading, Language and Learning lab collaborates with other universities on research.

Research collaborations with other universities create opportunities to build on the strengths and resources of the individual researchers and their institutions. Following are a few of our recent and ongoing collaborations:

The Reading, Language, and Learning Lab is currently collaborating with investigators at Arizona State University (Shelley Gray, Laida Restrepo, Marilyn Thompson) and Lancaster University (Kate Cain) in two Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)-funded projects examining reading comprehension in monolingual and bilingual upper elementary and adolescent students.

Principal Investigator, National Institute of Health
(1 R01HD096144-01).
Monolingual and Bilingual Reading Comprehension in Middle and High School Students, 2018-2023.
Co-Investigator, National Institute of Health (FP00009579) Monolingual and Bilingual Reading Comprehension, 2017-2021. PI: Shelley Gray. Present.

The lab is also collaborating with the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (Tiffany Hogan) and the Ohio State (Shayne Piasta) to develop and test the efficacy of a language-focused intervention for children at risk for reading disabilities, including those with developmental language disabilities.

Co-Investigator, National Institute of Health.
Translating Research into School-Based Practice via Small-Group, Language-Focused Comprehension Intervention, 2021-2025. PI: Tiffany Hogan.

The lab is also working with researchers from the University of Kansas Lifespan Institute (Kate Saunders, Kandace Fleming) to develop a dynamic assessment of alphabetic knowledge for students with limited speech ability.

Co-Investigator, Institute of Education Sciences.

Validity of a Non-speech, Dynamic Assessment of the Alphabetic Principle, 2020-2024. PI: Kate Saunders

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